Mednarodna InCo konferenca 2011

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The "InCo movement" of Slovenia and
the National Council of Republic of Slovenia

InCo movement initiative program
of an International Conference



InCo International Conference 2011 Proceedings

Video presentations of the speakers - InCo goes global on Videolectu​res.Net


for an exchange of good practices and initiatives
for a progressive, and sustainable development
of innovation ecosystems
on a local, regional and global level.

National Council of Republic of Slovenia
Šubičeva 4, Ljubljana
(the main hall)


April 21, 2011
09:00 - 16:30


- to recognize the role if NGOs, and other key players of an open innovation ecosystem (on a regional, country, community or organizational level).

- to illustrate the possible tools, structures, projects and groups of participants that are needed for implementation such initiatives.

- to show the importance of diversity of initiatives, that support each other in order to improve the social capital, and contribute a progressive change in society towards open innovation.

- to emphasis the importance of regional and continental networking and cooperation for successful development of innovation ecosystems.


8:30 - 9:00 arrival

9:00 - 9:30 "InCo movement" of Slovenia and the National Council of Republic of Slovenia Official opening

Marija Kokelj, moderator and red line of the conference day - Full paper

Part I 9:30 - 11:20 (20 min block)


1. Violeta Bulc, MBA, Vibacom and INCO movement innitiative: “Leadership within” ~ the leadership style for evolving organizations -Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
2. Blaž Kavčič, M.Sc, President of the National Council of Republic of Slovenia: Council for an Innovative Society -Abstract / Full paper
3. Alexander Hochmeier: Cross – Organizational Enterprise 2.0 Projects as a door opener for Open Ecosystems - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
4. Stefan Blachfellner: The Conscious Need for Innovation and Design. Why Ethonomics is crucial locally and globally - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
5. Jaroslav Berce: A new paradigm for a new leadership - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
6. Jani Toroš: Is singularity the right answer to our future - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation

Part II 11:30 - 13:30


1. Andreja Kodrin: Global Youths’ Collaboration for Sustainable innovations: the Case of Challenge: FUTURE - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
2. Madan Mohan Rao, P.Hd: Sustainable & Successful Innovation Communication Campaigns: Leveraging Branded Events & Layered Publications - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
3. Aleš Adamič: Competition vs Competences - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
4. Marjeta Novak: Unleashing the Potential Blocked in Negativity - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
5. Erik Holm Melby: Open innovation platform to boost innovation – Innovation as a strategy to strengthen and grow a small community -Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
6. Thomas Wallner: High Performance Work Systems, the High Road to Innovation and their impact on the Innovation Ecosystem -Abstract / Full paper / Presentation

7. Conclusions


Part III 14:30 - 16:30


1. Discussion

2. Ana Savšek: The business model of The Heart of Slovenia - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
3. Jožica Amadea Demšar in Dejan Veranič: The pile dwellers lived in the nature and with the nature - their message for us nowdays Full paper / Presentation
4. Sonja Klopčič: Trimo Leadership Alumni Club: New Initiative for Distributed Leadership - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
5. Tit Neubauer: E-skills for all generations – intergenerational approach to e-literacy - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation
6. David NordFors: Innovation Journalism, Attention work and Innovation Economy - Abstract / Full paper / Presentation

AWARD CEREMONY 16:30 – 17:00

InJo Ba. – student award for innovation journalism
- Monika Sobočan, Unvierza v Mariboru, Medicinska fakulteta: »Biomarkerji - korak naprej v medicini?«
- Franci Gruden, DOBA Fakulteta: »Brezmejni mobilni paketi«

InJo – award for the best innovation journalism contributions in public media

InJo major award:
- Edita Cetinski Malnar, TV Slovenija: oddaja Prava ideja! gost Peter Florjančič

InJo awards:
- Maruša Bertoncelj , Mediade, d.o.o., »Poslovni model, ki deluje tudi iz puščave«
- Mag. Edita Krajnović, Mediade, d.o.o., »Pet zvezdic inovativne organizacijske kulture«
- Maruša Bertoncelj , Mediade, d.o.o., »Ko posel dobesedno zacveti«
- Eva Uranjek, TV Slovenija, oddaja Prava ideja! - "Google: Kako nastajajo drzne zgodbe o uspehu?" gost Boštjan Špetič

Final conclusions and message of the conference

The conference will be recorded, and followed by e-media on-line
Conference is free of charge, however, registrations are requested. See below.

More about InCo movement:


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